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How to Print From Apps That Don’t Support Printing

Cant Print From App


You may be surprised to know that many apps on your iPad or iPhone still don’t support printing. These apps include Microsoft OneNote, Contacts, Calendar, many eBook or magazine style apps, some maps apps, and more.

Sometimes you’ll also find yourself unexpectedly needing to print, say, a pop-up dialog in an app that is displaying a receipt number or similar.

Here are some of your options when you find you need to print from app that doesn’t natively support printing:

  • Email. Email the content to yourself (or the print shop) and print the content from the email. So, for example, you could email a passage from an eBook to yourself and print that email or copy and paste the content into a third-party printing app. Similarly, if you can email a file out of an app you can print that file as an attachment from the native Mail app.
  • Take a screenshot.¬†Capture your iPhone or iPad screen by simultaneously pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons on your device. Print the resulting image that is saved in your Camera Roll.
  • Copy and paste. Copy and paste the content into another app the does support printing. Examples of such apps might include Pages, Notes, Microsoft Word or another productivity suite. Third-party printing apps like PrintCentral Pro have a clipboard feature just for this purpose.
  • Upload the content to a cloud storage service (like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.). Then download and print to a printer attached to a computer. Or, using a third-party printing app like PrintCentral Pro, you can download the content from the cloud service directly from inside the third-party printing app. Some cloud storage apps like Dropbox also have print capability.
  • HP ePrint. Anything that can be emailed can be ePrinted. Using the ePrint app, you can also send the content to one of thousands of print shops worldwide.
  • Send to Evernote. Anything that can be either emailed or sent to Evernote (using the ‘Open in’ function) can be printed from Evernote. This option is useful when there is no copy and paste function offered in an app you want to print from.

When using any of these methods be careful about the security of any confidential documents that you might be uploading to the cloud or sending via email. Also, be aware that sometimes when you download a file to a computer (like a public computer) in order to print, the computer may store a temporary copy of that file on its system. This file may, or may not be deleted when you finish your session on that computer. So its important to be careful not to leave any of your sensitive information behind.

Finally, remember to be respectful of copyright laws and user agreements that might apply when using an app or service. Sometimes there is no print function in an app because of copyright restrictions.

So, in summary, there are many creative ways to print from your iPad or iPhone apps even where they don’t natively support printing. Its not always pretty, but most of the time you’ll get the job done.