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Background: Why Create a Whole Website on iPad and iPhone Printing?

I first started looking into how to print from an iPad to a printer because my home printer is not AirPrint compatible and I wanted to find a solution that didn’t involve me buying a new printer. Like others, I’d seen those (really expensive) printing apps and wondered how they worked. When I started my online research I had no idea how confusing the online information I would come across be.

What I found as I researched the problem of how to print from an iPad or iPhone was that there was an enormous amount of information. And a lot of it was either outdated, incomplete, conflicting, or simply wrong. And even as a professional researcher, it took me a lot of time to work through a complete list of my printing options.

Occasionally though, I’d find some really insightful tips, tricks and hacks like how to use your iPhone as a portable router so you can surf the internet and be connected to your printer at the same time. This was something most people were saying was impossible.

This website is an attempt to put into one place all of the high quality information you’d need to know in order to be able to print from your iPad or iPhone.

How to Print From iPad is my attempt to ‘pay it forward’ for all of the information I’ve been fortunate enough to find online over the years that has helped me solve similar problems. Also, I created this website in order to learn how to use the WordPress software. I was using that software to create my own website ( for another project about mobile productivity and traveling with a smartphone and tablet.

On the website, I’ve made extensive use of video so that you can see exactly how things work and to support your potential purchase decisions. It should also serve to debunk some of the incorrect information about printing from an iPhone or iPad that you may have already read.

In terms of the website itself, the home page lists a summary of your iPad or iPhone printing options which links to much more detailed information on each of the printing alternatives and workflows on subpages of the website.

I encourage you to explore all of the articles on website because there are discussions of some aspects of printing, for example, printing from an iPhone or iPad when you’re away from home or the office that will likely include tips, workflows and hacks that you haven’t considered.


Whilst I’ve put an enormous effort into researching, checking and compiling this information, I can’t guarantee that it’s accurate, up-to-date as at the time you read this. I really wish there was a way I could, however, that just the nature of how fast technology changes in todays society.

If you do find an error on the website that you know to be incorrect, I’d be grateful if you could let me know so that I can update the website. You can contact me at hello AT

I know you’ll also appreciate that I can’t troubleshoot your specific printing enquiries. (For that purpose, I’ve compiled a very comprehensive list of resources at the bottom of the home page where you can seek further information.)

Also, (and rounding out my disclaimer!) the information on this website is of a general nature and for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website should be considered as a recommendation to take or not take any particular course of action. Its your responsibility to make sure that you make choices that are best suited to your own specific circumstances. In my experience, its a sound idea to read reviews of products over several different websites and use offline sources too.

Help Support This Site

If you’ve found the information on the website useful and you want to support the site and help keep the information free there are a couple of ways to do this.

The first is that I’m an Amazon Associates member and so will earn a small commission from any products bought from the store on this website or you can use this link to the home page. You wont pay any more for your purchase and you’ll put a smile on my face!

The store for this website is now at ( Because it is challenging to update multiple websites, any new printing related products will be added to that store. They won’t necessarily be updated on the pages of this website.

By the way, the store isn’t just something I’ve thrown together. It includes lots of products specific to iPhone photography and printing from an iPhone or iPad. I’ve included in one place a large selection of highly rated and popular AirPrint and Google Cloud printers as well as the accessories for the workflows described on this website.

Also, the links to apps on this website are affiliate links. By purchasing through one of these links you’ll help support this website. Thank you.

How to Print From iPad eBook Book Amazon David Ragg

I’ve finally compiled the information on this website into a book form. You can pick it up here at for only $0.99 (that’s as low as I can price it) or free if you’re a Prime member.

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Thanks for your support and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy your visit and that it saves you a great deal of time hunting for this information online.