HP ePrint

Hewlett Packard’s HP ePrint app is an example of a very popular manufacturers printing app that is loaded with useful features. If you have a compatible HP printer its well worth checking out. If you don’t have an HP printer but want to be able to print whilst you’re away from your home and office to a HP Public Print Location (see below), its also worth checking out this app.

HP ePrint supports printing photos, documents, emails and webpages from within the app to an ePrint printer on your local network. You can also access cloud storage services including Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, and Google Drive.

HP ePrint

If your printer is network connected, you can assign your printer an email address and then email a document from anywhere in the world direct to your printer. One benefit of this is that you can print from apps that don’t natively support printing but do support emailing content. (Another way to achieve this outcome if you don’t have ePrint is to email the document or content directly into your Evernote account and print it from the Evernote app.)

Finally, using the HP ePrint app, you can print your documents directly to the nearest HP Public Print Location, which cover over 10,000 locations worldwide. Locations include FedEx Office stores, UPS stores, retail print outlets, hotels, airport lounges, universities, public libraries, and more.

This is a very helpful feature for travellers. I’ve separately written an in-depth article on how to print whilst you travel or are away from your home or office printer if you have that need. It includes printing alternatives you may not have considered and will come in handy for situations when you find you unexpectedly need to print something like a ticket, boarding pass,  document, and so on, and only have your iPad or iPhone with you.


Update: HP ePrint has been replaced by the HP Smart app. It has similar functionality to HP ePrint.