Cloud Printing

A variety of services now enable you to print directly from your device (including your iPhone and iPad) to any properly configured printer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is one of the more popular cloud printing services. Using Google Cloud Print, you can print to your printer at home or any other printer you’ve been granted access to. All that’s required is the computer and printer be online and connected to the Internet.

The Google Cloud Print service is great for granting access to people who visit your office or home. Also, you might be out at Uni or the library, have something you want to print and not want to pay the printing charges. You can simply cloud print the content to your printer at home. Many Internet cafes also allow you to print using Google Cloud Print, which is convenient if you’re traveling with just an iPad or iPhone.

Be aware that documents sent through Cloud Print do pass through Google’s servers and may be retained there, if even only temporarily.

The following video contains an excellent overview of the Google Cloud Print service:

A list of printers that support Google Cloud Print can be found here. If your printer doesn’t natively support Cloud Print, you can use the Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition. For more details, see the Lantronix website. Or you can use a third-party printing app like those discussed below.

The Google website contains more details on Google Cloud Print. You can find a detailed walkthrough of the Google Cloud Print setup process here.

Hewlett Packard ePrint

Hewlett Packard have created a very popular printing app called HP ePrint. If you have an HP ePrint compatible printer you can print to it from anywhere in the world. HP have also teamed with PrinterOn to offer printing at over 10,000 locations worldwide. I’ve written more about the HP ePrint service here.

Third-Party Printing Apps

Several third-party printing apps for the iPad and iPhone like PrintCentral Pro by EuroSmartz Ltd and Print n Share by  EuroSmartz Ltd also support Google Cloud Print which means you can print via 3G or 4G. In the case of Print n Share, the instructions how to set up cloud printing are described here.