Best Printers (2020)


Buying a printer – The Best AirPrint Printers

Finding a great printer unfortunately is still a really tough process. Even though my brother loves to do online research for all the products he purchases, he kind of just gave up and asked me to tell him which was the best!

I think part of the challenge is that reviews for most printers tend to be mixed. Another reason is that some printers may have some good features, but a few other negatives, that make the decision making process challenging. With this page, I want to help turbo-charge your research, so you can make the best decision for your own needs.


Unfortunately, highly polarised reviews are normal for many models of printers.


This is my hand selected list of some of the best AirPrint printers and Wi-Fi printers. It might support you with your research.

I reiterate though, be careful with your research, seek reviews from different websites  (particularly information sources that have no vested interest in your purchase, and where reviews can’t be manipulated) before making your choice.

One thing I’ve learned from researching this book is that many printers (even high rating printers) don’t live up to their owner’s expectations. For some a printer works perfectly for their needs, for others, its a total lemon. Its best you buy it from a source you trust that will give you good support, if you have trouble with it. If possible, go into store(s) and talk with the salespeople as well.



Best printers at

The following lists are a great place to start your research for a printer, because they’re based on sales and other data that can’t easily be biased or manipulated. Also, the data is constantly updated:

Note that a search for AirPrint printers at doesn’t yield a full list of printers that are AirPrint compatible. Apple’s list of AirPrint printers is the best place to confirm if a printer is AirPrint compatible, as it is constantly updated. (While this list is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. Some newer (and even older) models are not on the list, but are, in fact, AirPrint Compatible. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer.)